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The Surprising Benefits of Drinking from a Crystal Water Bottle

The Surprising Benefits of Drinking from a Crystal Water Bottle


The Surprising Benefits of Drinking from a Crystal Water Bottle

by AERA Team

A year ago

The Surprising Benefits of Drinking from a Crystal Water Bottle

Why would you need a crystal water bottle as part of your daily routine? We're outlining '4' surprising benefits of drinking from a crystal water bottle. 

1. Something that you find aesthetically pleasing or beautiful has proven health benefits.

Imagine for a moment you're in your home and it's freshly cleaned. Everything is put away, theres no washing to be done, and maybe you've even got a scented candle going. Visualise that for a moment and tune into how it feels. Perhaps the thought of this has you feeling more relaxed, grounded, or comfortable. Amazing right, all from a thought!

A part of why this feels so good it because your environment is feeding your senses with something you find to be beautiful and putting you and your environment into a state of harmony. Such a calming effect can then carry over into lowering stress levels which has a multitude of health benefits - if you research any chronic disease you're likely to see that stress is a contributing factor. 

By using a crystal water bottle, you are adding something into your environment that is pleasing to your senses. And since it carries water and your biology requires you to drink water, you'll always have it close by. In any situation or setting you can find a little piece of beauty simply by looking at your AERA Bottle and taking a sip. Lowered stress, a sense of calm, or harmony is only ever a glance away. 

2 - Better Hydration

 Because your water bottle is so beautiful to you and permeates a gorgeous energy into your surroundings, you're more likely to actually get it out, put it on your desk and use it! Just 4 refills of AERA Bottle a day and you'll be set to avoid any of the effects of poor hydration such as fatigue, headaches or brain fog all while getting a little crystal magic along the way. 

3. Spiritual awareness

Apart from the fact that crystal water bottles are incredibly gorgeous and instagrammable, there's actually a point behind them that you may not actually know...

For example, people carry crystals in their bra, their pockets, their handbag, they put them under their pillow, or place them on their nightstand so they can constantly interact with the benefits of crystal healing. 

It's about intention.

Let's say you've been hella busy with life and you just can't seem to slow down, find time for yourself and recharge...(pretty sure we've all felt like that at least once in our lives). 

Your intention in this situation is to slow down and give some time back to yourself. Whether that's through reading, not starting your day with social media, or just having that weekly bath accompanied by a glass of wine. Because at the end of the day, we can't give our best if we're not at our best. 

In this situation, you grab your Rose Quartz Aera Bottle and place your intention into the rose quartz, allowing you to change your energy whenever you either look at or drink from your bottle.

4. The Concept of Crystal Elixir 

The term crystal elixir is derived from the Arabic word 'al iksic' which means 'miracle substance' and it's been around for a pretty darn long time. In fact, 1000's of years - perhaps the ancients were onto something that got forgotten over time? The point of a crystal elixir is to transfer the energy of the crystal into the water. So that when you drink the water, all that gorgeous energy flows into you. 

If you're someone who is big on radiating positive energy, vibrating at a high frequency and removing negativity from your life, (because let's face it, life is too crazy and hectic 90% of the time now), then this product IS for you!

Got a question about Aera Bottle? Leave it in the comments below and we'll be more than happy to answer them!



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